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Anatomy of Agility

Frans Bosch

Movement analysis in sport


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Anatomy of Agility is basically about analysis of movement in sports. Frans Bosch’s book examines all the high-intensity versions of the running movement that occur in open situations, from running straight ahead to sidesteps and single-leg jumping with a run-up. The book is divided into a theoretical and a practical section. Part 1 maps out the field of high-intensity movement and the context of agility in sports, with reference to such concepts as ‘constraints’, ‘self-organization’, ‘self-stability’ and the ‘attractor-fluctuation landscape’. Part 2 translates theory to practice, identifying the attractors in the various forms of agility.

Bosch’s focus on high-intensity agility in team sports provides an analysis of movement that is sufficiently specific to allow conclusions to be drawn about training practice. The book shows that there is a relatively simple underlying structure in the various kinds of agility based on running, and that all sports are in fact structured in the same way. Thus, the analysis of agility presented in this book can serve as a model for the analysis of all other types of movement.

As well as many figures, the book includes a number of picture (photograph) series. Studying these is useful when observing skills and developing and/or enhancing the systematic analysis of high-intensity movement.

Anatomy of Agility: movement analysis in sport is intended for coaches, physiotherapists, teachers of movement and others who want to learn more about how to move as efficiently as possible in sports situations involving agility.


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ISBN 978-94-90951-67-2
Year 2020
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Podcast Rob Gray – Perception & Action Podcast, 2 November 2020